Hey Buddy, I've been missing you a lot lately. We're getting ready to put the album out and it's hard to be excited. I remember how excited you were in the studio and how much more excited you were once we heard the mixes. When you spoke about the band and the album it made me so inspired. You had so much confidence in us that it gave me even more confidence. You gave me that big brother feeling where when I did something and you liked it, it made me feel great and validated my idea for me. I miss the late night sessions, pounding out the riffs and such... we had a thing goin there. It was almost structured like I was teaching you, working out the song and trying to push you in one direction or another, but you were teaching me. I learned so much from you and wish that there were time enough to have learned more. As much as it is hard to be excited about the album release, I can't wait to hear everyone compliment your contribution. You really brought to the band the exact thing that we needed and this album is a full on example of your talent. Missing you, -Chewie