Doubting Gravity

...isn't your average rock group.

Fusing together an array of influences, ranging from pop arrangements, folk inspired lyrics and straight up rock and roll, they have managed to put together a setlist that holds a nostalgic feel of 90's alternative rock combined with a pop song formula.

"We're a straight ahead rock band out of Portland, ME. People have said we're the hybrid of Ani Difranco, Patty Griffin, Maroon 5 and Garbage. We just look at it as good ol' rock and roll." - Andi

 Andi Fawcett (vocals/guitar) and Dave Henault (drums) have been teamed up for years, having built on a common ground of songwriting that pushes the envelope but keeps you singing along.

They signed on Josh Prescott (bass). With his major in music composition Josh brought in a fresh approach to their material, adding tension and release but never straying from the essence of the song. DG most recently added guitarist Mike Prescott to their lineup giving the already beautifully arranged songs a serious edge and focus.

Having shared the stage with several up and coming artists in the local Portland, ME area, they have come to be known as a tight ship that delivers an electric blow with music that touches on all senses. Doubting Gtavity is poised to tackle the Pop/Rock scene with a fresh approach.